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How Do I Keep A St. Louis Speeding Ticket Off My Record?


You do this by hiring an experienced St. Louis traffic ticket attorney to make sure that the ticket does not stay on your permanent driving record. But there are other benefits in making sure that the ticket stays off your record.

When a St. Louis traffic ticket goes onto your driving record, it is because you plead guilty to the charges listed on the ticket itself. The primary way in which this is done is when someone simply signs the back of the citation, and then mails in the associated fines. Taking care of the ticket in this manner will certainly get rid of it. But there are consequences for handling things in this way.

For instance, when you plead guilty to the traffic infraction, the state will assess a certain number of points to your record. “Points” are like little red flags that tend to make you look like a bad driver. When you receive points, your automobile insurance company will raise your rates. The insurance company (an entity that is constantly on the lookout for a chance to increase your monthly premiums) will review your driving record at least once a year, and make adjustments to your rates according to how many points appear.

In addition, if you get a large number of points in a short period of time, you can lose your driver’s license altogether. For instance, if you receive eighteen (18) points within an eighteen month period of time, the state of Missouri will suspend your license for one year.

But the St. Louis speeding ticket lawyers have a much different way of handling things for you. Once we take over your case, we begin immediate negotiations with the local prosecutor. The goal of these negotiations is to get the ticket reduced to a non-moving violation. A non-moving violation does not come with any points, and therefore no worries related to increased insurance or license suspension. Additionally, we are usually successful in making sure that you do not have to make any courthouse appearances (we will handle all necessary appearances in front the judge). And we want to perform all of these services at a very reasonable price. The fees for a standard St. Louis traffic ticket start at $40.

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