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How Does A Simple Traffic Ticket Hurt My Driving Record?


Because traffic tickets allow the State of Missouri to assess “points” to your permanent driving record. Points are like little red flags that give the impression that you are a bad driver. This in turn gives your automobile insurance carrier the ability to increase your premiums. And if that weren’t enough, getting too many points over a short period of time can result in your driver’s license being suspended.

So instead of dealing with all of that, what should you do? The easiest thing to do is hire an experienced St. Louis traffic ticket attorney to take care of the citation for you. A good lawyer can negotiate a deal with the local prosecutor in which the traffic infraction is reduced (amended) to a non-moving violation. A good example of a non-moving violation would be “excessive noise”. So instead of getting pleading guilty to a moving violation (like speeding), the court allows you to plead guilty to the lesser charge of blaring your radio too loudly. This in turn keeps points from going on your record. It’s just as simple as that.

Now at this point you may be saying, “But I didn’t blare my radio loudly! Why in the world should I plead guilty to something I didn’t do??” And the answer to that is pretty easy: welcome to the world of criminal justice It’s the system we have, and it seems to work fairly well. Just imagine how much work would be created if a local judge and prosecutor would have to do if every single traffic case went to court and/or trial. It would clog the system up beyond repair. We even have “Traffic Courts” do deal exclusively with St. Louis speeding and traffic tickets, but the sheer volume of infractions is unimaginably high.

This being the case, judges are more than willing, and prosecutors are eager to jump at the chance, to speak to a St. Louis speeding ticket lawyer who is representing a person who has been charged with a traffic citation. The lawyer walks in past the long line of people waiting their turn to appear in front of the judge (which can take hours), talks to the prosecutor, gets the deal done, and then is out the door before the judge even takes the bench. Simple, clean, efficient, and quick.

The lawyers at The Bankruptcy Company have been assisting people with their St. Louis traffic tickets for years. Our goal is to make sure you stay driving, that your record stays clean, and your insurance rates are unaffected. And we want to do this at a very affordable price. For a typical ticket, we charge $40. Call today to learn more!!

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