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How Long Do I Have To Take Care Of A Speeding Or Traffic Ticket?


The amount of time you will have in order to take care of a St. Louis traffic ticket will actually be listed on the face of the citation itself (along with the court date, time, and place). Usually, you will have about thirty (30) days. But there is a bit more you should know first before you take any other steps.

When you are pulled over by a police officer and issued a St. Louis speeding ticket, you have a few options. One would be to simply sign the back of the ticket, and pay the associated fine. But doing so will give the state the ability to assess points against your permanent driving record (as more points build up over time, the greater the risk that you will have your driver’s license suspended).

On the other hand, you could have an experienced St. Louis traffic ticket attorney take care of the speeding ticket for you. An attorney has the opportunity to negotiate a deal with the prosecutor to get the citation lowered from a moving violation to a non-moving violation. A non-moving violation does not come with any points. This means that you automobile insurance will not be affected, your record will stay clean, and you will likely not have to make any courthouse appearance.

In some situations, the St. Louis ticket will not be taken care of at all. When you miss your court date (or you do not pay the fine or have a St. Louis speeding ticket lawyer take care of it for you), an arrest warrant will be issued by the judge. When there is an active warrant for your arrest, a police officer could at any time haul you into jail. But warrants can be taken care of as well by an experienced law firm. In such a situation, the attorney would present your case to the judge who issued the warrant, and ask that the warrant be recalled. This then allows the attorney to go to the prosecutor, and get the ticket amended to non-moving violation.

If this process sounds complicated, then it is highly advisable that you contact a lawyer. The affordable St. Louis speeding ticket attorneys at The Bankruptcy Company have been helping people get rid of their ticket citations for years. Our goal is to make the process as painless and simple as possible for you, while doing it at a reasonable price. The cost for a simple traffic ticket is $40, but consultation to discuss the matter is free of charge.

We have one location by appointment only: 4625 Lindell Blvd St. Louis, MO 63108. Please do give us a call, and we can get your legal affairs straightened out!!

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