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If I Get A Speeding Ticket In Missouri, Is There Anything I Can Do About It?

Yes, there is. When you are pulled over by an official (either a local police officer or a highway patrolman) for driving above the speed limit, you are given a citation (i.e. a ticket). This citation will give you pertinent information about what you have done wrong. The typical language is something like ‘Driving in Excess of Posted Speed Limitations,’ or something equally fancy-sounding. It will also give you the officer’s name and badge number, the location of the unlawful activity, time of the pull-over, and your information (such as name and address). The ticket will also give you a court date, which is usually thirty (30) days into the future.

Most tickets will direct you to the back of the document, which lists ways in which you can avoid having to appear in court by simply paying a fine (indeed, the ticket will suggest any number of ways for you to accomplish this task, whether it is online, in person, sending something in by mail, or even over the phone with a credit card. Because the last thing the court actually wants you to do is show up and make an argument as to why you should not have been pulled over.

If you simply pay the fine, that will make the ticket go away. But the fact of the matter is that the ticket will also become a part of your record, and can have a substantial impact on the extent to which you pay your motor vehicle insurance (which is determined in large part by how good of a driving record that you have). However, if you were to hire an experienced attorney to handle your ticket, you don’t have to worry about such things. An attorney can get the speeding ticket reduced to a lesser charge, one that will not have an impact on you or your insurance rates.

The affordable St. Louis traffic ticket attorneys at Brinkman & Alter, LLC have been making sure that our client’s traffic and/or speeding tickets are handled in a professional, quick, and efficient manner. We have built relationships with most of the prosecuting attorneys around the St. Louis area, and we understand what kind of things can and can’t be done with a ticket. But the main thing to keep in mind is that there are options available to you instead of simply paying the fine stated on the back. Because it is possible to get rid of the speeding violation, get the ticket reduced to something less severe, and keep you in good standing with your insurance company. All phone calls and office consultations are free of charge, so call today!