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If I Have Lost My Driving Privileges, Is There Any Way I Can Still Drive To Work Or School?


Yes, there is a possibility to still drive to work or school if your driver’s license has been suspended. But there are very specific rules that govern how the suspension works in the state of Missouri. This means that it is absolutely in your best interest to find an experienced traffic attorney to help you in the process.

If your license has been suspended, it is most likely due to having accumulated too many points on your driving record. You are assessed points when you receive a traffic citation for having violated the motor vehicle laws in Missouri. The term ‘points’ is a bit of a misnomer, though. When people initially hear that word, they automatically think that it is something good (like scoring points for your team). But in the context of traffic tickets (like speeding, illegal lane change, etc.), points are a bad thing (and you should really think of them as strikes). The more points that accumulate in a short period of time, the greater the likelihood that you will have your license suspended (or even revoked). In addition, it is also a really good way to have your automobile insurance go up (which is just another added expense to your already difficult budget).

But if this has happened, and your license has been suspended as a result, then you can apply for what is called a Restricted Driving Permit. This permit can be had if you have served at least thirty (30) days of your license suspension. It will allow you to drive for the limited purposes of getting to work, school, medical appointments, and other essential daily activities. You do not have to fill out any special form for this, as your local motor vehicle office can issue the permit on its own. But you will have to provide them with what is called an SR-22 form, which shows that you have proper vehicular insurance to drive. This restricted driving permit is valid for sixty (60) days’ time.

Of course, it is far easier to get the tickets taken care of in the beginning than to have to deal with a suspension. The affordable St. Louis traffic ticket defense attorneys at The Bankruptcy Company have been keeping our clients on the road without the hassle of warrants, restricted permits, or court dates for years. We have the necessary experience to get your tickets and driving infractions reduced to non-moving violations (or dismissed completely). This in turn will prevent any points from going on your driving record, keep your insurance rates low, and avoid any court appearances in front of the judge. Our initial consultation is free of charge, and most of the information we need can be retrieved over the phone. So call today!

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