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St Louis Criminal Defense Attorney $375: Can I Be Ticketed For Trespassing At A Casino?


Yes, you can. And it happens all the time. In fact, one of the most frequent types of criminal cases we see in the St Louis area is for trespassing at a local casino. How exactly each municipality and/or county handles the citation, however, is another story. So the outcome of your trespassing ticket will depend heavily on where the ticket was issued. Below is more a thorough explanation:

When you are busted for trespassing in St Louis, it is usually because you somewhere you weren’t supposed to be. But how does this end up happening at a casino (at a public place in which the owners are dependent upon people coming to their establishment)?

Some attorneys will answer that question by saying that it is a deliberate tactic used by the casinos to prevent patrons from too much winnings at the table. Here’s how it works: let’s say you are spending an evening at the casino, and you are in a lucky streak (having won several rounds and/or hands); the dice are starting to roll your way; the next thing you know, there is a tap on your shoulder, and a pit boss is asking you to leave because “you’ve had too much to drink”; you state that you haven’t had a drink all night; the pit boss asks you again to leave, last warning; you refuse, saying that you are sober as the day you were born; the pit boss calls over the police officer stationed that at the casino, and he/she writes out a citation for trespassing. How was this trespassing? Because you were asked to leave, you refused, now you are inside an establishment wrongfully.


Of course the real question is: now that I’ve got this trespassing ticket, what do I do with it? Our goal would be to get it knocked down to some sort of minor infraction (so that it doesn’t show up on our record). The type of trespassing described above is a Class B Misdemeanor. That may not sound like much, but if you simply plead guilty to it, then that criminal conviction will be on your record forever.

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