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St Louis Criminal Defense: How Hard Is It To Take Care Of A Misdemeanor?


It depends on a number of factors. For instance: Is it your first offense? Were there multiple citations issued by the police officer? Where were you when the crime was allegedly committed? Several factors play into whether or not the misdemeanor charge can be taken care of.

But let’s assume that this is your first offense. And let’s further assume that the charge is for theft / stealing in St. Louis (in which the alleged amount stolen has a value of less than $500). This is described as a Class A Misdemeanor (which can come with up to one (1) year of jail time, and a $1,000 fine). If you do nothing with this charge (for instance, if you do not hire an attorney, or even show up on the court date, then a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest, and that’s not something you want to happen (but if it does, we can take care of that as well).

Assuming there are no priors, the next thing that an St. Louis theft attorney will look at is the facts of your case. He or she will want to determine if there is a possibility to file a Motion to Dismiss (or to Suppress Evidence). If however, there aren’t any facts that would allow for such a motion, then the next thing your lawyer will do is try and work something out with the local prosecutor.


“Working something out” is basically securing a plea bargain with the court. This involves the prosecutor giving a recommendation to the judge as to how the charge should be handled. If in fact your lawyer is able to work out an arrangement, then it will likely be in the form of one of two things:

  1. A reduction of the charge to some minor infraction (like “littering,” which will not show up on your permanent criminal record)
  2. An SIS (Suspended Imposition of Sentence). This type of recommendation involves a period of probation (usually one to two years in length). If you stay out of trouble during the probationary period, then the charge will go away altogether (as if it had never existed).

The affordable St. Louis criminal defense attorneys at The Bankruptcy Company, have been helping people with their misdemeanor charges for over ten (10) years. Our goal is to make sure that the charges leveled against you do not stay on your permanent record, and do any lasting damage. And we want to do all of this at an affordable price. The fees for a typical misdemeanor case start at $375. But the initial consultation to discuss your legal issues is free of charge. So contact us today!!

We have one location by appointment only: 4625 Lindell Blvd St. Louis, MO 63108. The initial consultation is free of charge. So contact us today to learn more!!

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