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St Louis Criminal Defense Lawyer: What Should I Do If I Am Questioned By The Police?


I get this question a lot, and I always have the same answer: whatever you say to the police can and/or will be used against you. Just because the cop acts like he is your friend, or if he/she tries to make you believe that “nothing bad will happen by giving me this information,” or anything else, does not at all mean that the cop has good intentions towards you.

So what should you do instead? If you believe that by speaking to a police officer your rights would be compromised (or that you would be placed in a bad position), then do not say anything. It’s as simple as that. The cop can’t force you to speak, and the law protects your right to remain silent (especially when someone in a position of authority is trying to get information out of you that could shed a bad light on you).

If you choose to remain silent, the cop will be forced into a decision: he/she can either walk away, or he/she can arrest you on the spot. If the cop arrests you, he/she will have to clearly articulate why it is that you are being arrested. Of course, a cop can simply make up an excuse to arrest you (especially if he/she is angry with you), but if you remain silent, then you aren’t giving him/her any ammunition against you.


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