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St Louis Speeding Tickets: What If I Miss My Court Date For My Traffic Ticket?


If you miss your traffic court date (and no one makes an appearance on your behalf), then the judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest. And at that point, you will need to get the warrant taken care of first before you can address the underlying traffic ticket.

So let’s say you received a St. Louis speeding ticket. The cop writes out the ticket, and lists the court date and time. And then for whatever reason, you miss the date (because you shoved it into the back of your glove compartment). Once the ticket goes to warrant status, you will need to hire a St. Louis traffic ticket attorney to take care of it for you. This is done by requesting from the judge that the warrant be recalled (lifted). After the judge recalls the warrant, you will no longer have to worry about whether or not you’ll get arrested.

But just as important is dealing with the underlying ticket that caused the problem in the first place. Because if you do not get the ticket resolved, then it will just eventually go back into warrant status (and you will have to start over). The way in which our firm handles St Louis traffic tickets is by working closely with the local prosecutor to get the ticket reduced to a non-moving violation (so that no points will appear on your driving record). With no points on your record, you won’t have to worry about your auto insurance going up (or losing your driver’s license).


The lawyers at The Bankruptcy Company have the experience necessary to take care of all your St. Louis traffic tickets. Our goal is to make sure that you fully understand how the entire process works, that all of your questions are answered, that you do not have to make any courthouse appearances, and that you keep on driving to work, school, or to run errands. And we want to do all of this at a very affordable price. The fees for a standard St. Louis speeding ticket start at $35.

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