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What If I Get A Speeding Ticket In A Construction Zone?


This is a more difficult situation than a regular speeding ticket that you might receive, because the whole purpose of having a reduced speed limit in the construction zone is to protect the men and women who are working on site. But there are several things that an experienced attorney can do to help.

Construction zones in St. Louis are set up for the safety of both the workers and for the people driving cars through the zone. Over the years, a number of construction workers have been hit while on the job, and this has lead local and state officials to impose stricter fines and speed limitations in these zones. So if you are pulled over in such a zone for traveling over the posted speed limit, you can expect a much higher fine than usual.

But if you simply sign the ticket (in which case you are pleading guilty) and pay the associated fine, then a larger than normal amount of points will be assessed against your driving record. These points (which should be thought of as “strikes” because they are negative marks against you) pile up over time and can result much higher rates of insurance (because the more points you have, the carrier will think of you as a much bigger risk, which almost always end up with you paying higher monthly premiums), or even potentially the loss of your driving privileges (like a suspension or revocation of your license).

However, you need not deal with the effects of points, higher insurance, and driving losses, or even traffic court, judges, and prosecutors. All you really need to do is contact a professional firm that has the necessary experience and expertise to get the infraction reduced (or amended) to a non-moving violation. This is done by the attorney negotiating a deal with the prosecutor on your behalf, so that you do not have to make an appearance in court. Once the deal is struck (and the amendment is accepted), the charge is dropped to a lesser offense, and no points are assessed. This keeps your driving record clean, and keeps you driving in the clear.

The affordable St. Louis traffic ticket defense attorneys at The Bankruptcy Company have been helping people take care of their traffic and speeding tickets for years. Our goal is to make sure that you have to do as little as possible, and keep the hassle to a minimum. Most of the information that we would require in order to handle the ticket can be taken over the phone, so call today!

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