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Why Are The Fines For An ARC Zone Ticket Higher Than Other St. Louis Traffic Tickets?


The fines for ARC Zone tickets are higher because the cities involved in that program are attempting to reduce traffic fatalities over a stretch of I-70 that have seen much rates than other parts of St. Louis. The idea is that if the fines are higher when you get pulled over in this corridor of the interstate, then you will be less likely to speed. If you are less likely to speed, then there should be less traffic fatalities.

To begin with, ARC stands for “Accident Reduction Corridor.” It is a plan devised by the cities that participate in the program (St. Ann, Berkeley, Normandy, Pine Lawn, etc) to reduce traffic fatalities. If you receive a St. Louis speeding ticket in this zone, then the fines will be a lot higher. However, there is a better way to handle the ticket than simply paying the fine.

One common way for people to take care of a traffic ticket is to simply sign the back of the citation itself, and mail in the associated fine. But by doing so, you are pleading guilty to the charges listed on the citation (like speeding, or illegal lane change, or careless driving, or whatever). This in turn allows the state of Missouri to assess points to your permanent driving record. “Points” are like little red flags that make you look as if you are a bad driver. As you accumulate points, your automobile insurance provider will increase your monthly rates. And if you receive enough points over a compressed period of time, you could lose your driver’s license (for instance, if you get eighteen (18) points within an eighteen month period, the state will suspend your license for a full year).

But it does not have to be this way. The affordable St. Louis speeding ticket lawyers at The Bankruptcy Company have been handling people’s traffic tickets for over ten (10) years. Our goal is to make sure that your speeding citation is reduced to a non-moving violation. A non-moving violation does not come with any points. This means that your record will remain clear, and your car insurance will stay the same. In addition, you will most likely not have to make any courtroom appearances, and our fees are the most reasonable in city. The fees for a standard St. Louis traffic ticket start at $40.

We have one location by appointment only: 4625 Lindell Blvd St. Louis, MO 63108. The consultation to discuss your legal affairs is free of charge. So contact us today to learn more!!

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