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The state gives out points any time you are found guilty of a moving violation. A moving violation is roughly described as an infraction committed while you are operating a vehicle. The state uses a point system so that it can keep a record of how good of a driver you are.

“Points” are like little red flags that put a blemish on your permanent driving record. They have a tendency to make it look like you are a bad driver. You receive a different number of points for the different types of traffic infractions out there. For example, a St. Louis speeding ticket will typically get you two (2) points. And as points accumulate, there are varying consequences. For instance, if you receive eighteen (18) points in an eighteen month period, the state will automatically suspend your driver’s license for one (1) year. The accumulation of points can also have a detrimental effect upon the amount you pay for automobile insurance. Each time you receive points to your record, your insurance carrier will likely increase your monthly premiums (because they will now look at your as a higher risk to insure).

But an experienced St. Louis traffic ticket attorney can help make sure that you do not receive any points at all. In fact, our goal is to ensure that your driving record stays clean of all negative treatments. We do this by beginning immediate negotiations with the local prosecutor to get the St. Louis speeding ticket reduced to a non-moving violation. A non-moving violation does not come with any points, which means that your record will be clear, and your car insurance will stay the same.

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