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Is There A Possibility That My Driver’s License Could Be Revoked Or Suspended Because Of Multiple Traffic Tickets?


Yes, there is a possibility that this could happen if you are cited for multiple infractions that appear on your driving record. The key to avoiding this outcome is to make sure that these infractions never make onto your record in the first place. That is where an effective attorney becomes invaluable.

If you are pulled over, receive a ticket for a moving violation, and simply pay the associated fine, the ticket is certainly taken care of. But each time this occurs, the citation is placed on your driving record, and a certain number of ‘points’ are assessed against you. The more points that are assessed, the greater the risk of your driver’s license being either suspended or revoked (not to mention a higher insurance premium). For instance, if you receive four (4) points in the span of twelve (12) months, the Missouri Department of Revenue will you a notification of the fact that you are accumulating a lot of points. This is a sort of warning letter. If you get eight (8) points in eighteen (18) months, the Department of Revenue will suspend your driving privileges (for a minimum of thiry (30) days, and up to ninety (90) days, depending on how many more you receive in that timeframe).

A full revocation of driving privileges can occur in the following situations: twelve (12) or more points in twelve (12) months; eighteen (18) or more points in twenty-four (24) months; twenty-four (24) or more points in thirty-six (36) months. If any of these accumulations occur in the set out timeframe, the Department of Revenue can revoke your license for one (1) year.

There are of course ways to reinstate your license if it is revoked or suspended, and there is even a system by which you can have the points on your record reduced. But the easier way to handle this kind of thing is to ensure that the points are never assessed in the first place. The affordable St. Louis traffic ticket defense attorneys at The Bankruptcy Company have been helping people keep their driving records clean for years. Our goal is to make sure that the underlying ticket is reduced to something less severe (like a non-moving violation), keep the points off your record, ensure that your automobile insurance is not negatively affected, and do it all at an affordable price. All of our staff and attorneys have the necessary skill and knowledge to handle all types of situations, as we have developed good relationships with various prosecutors and judges throughout the years. All initial consultations are free of charge, so call today!!

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