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What Happens If I Receive Multiple Traffic Tickets In A Short Period Of Time?


If you receive multiple traffic tickets over a condensed time frame, then it two negative things could happen: 1) your insurance premiums could go up substantially; and 2) you could be labeled by the state as a ‘Repeat Offender’. Repeat offenders can have their driver’s license suspended, or worse, could face jail time. But this is why it is so important to retain the services of a law firm that understands how to properly handle these matters.

When you are pulled over by a police officer for a moving-violation (let’s say your garden variety Missouri speeding ticket), the infraction will carry a certain number of ‘points’ against your record. These are not the good kind of points that you score in a game. Rather, ‘points’ should be viewed as ‘strikes’ against your driving record. The more points/strikes you accumulate over time, the higher your automobile insurance will rise as a result. This means steeper and steeper monthly premiums. But if you receive several of these citations for speeding in excess of the posted limit, the state will assume that you are not getting the message (that driving above the speed limit is prohibited). In general, if you have more than one or two such violations in a twelve (12) to eighteen (18) month period of time, you can be labeled a Repeat Offender. This can have serious consequences for your ability to keep your license, you risk jail time if there are any other future offenses, and could even have an impact on your job (especially one of the primary tasks in your employment is the operation of heavy equipment or driving).

But again, this need not be the outcome for you. The affordable St. Louis traffic ticket defense attorneys at The Bankruptcy Company can make sure that the tickets you receive do not turn into the headaches described above. Our team of lawyers will work hard to reduce the moving-violation you have been charged with to a non-moving violation. This will ensure that you will not be assessed any points against your driving record, thus keeping your insurance rates in check and your record clean of infractions. This is done by working closely with the local prosecutor and/or judge to reach an agreement so that the ticket is handled in an efficient, quick, and relatively painless fashion.

Our initial consultations are free of charge, and very often, this can be done over the phone (we have a very quick system in place that allows us to track the whereabouts of your ticket, whether or not any warrants have been issued, and what sort of timeframe you can expect). Please call today to learn more!

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