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St Louis Criminal Defense Lawyer $375: Should I Take A Video With My Phone Every Time I Am Pulled Over?


Yes, you should! Why? Because when it comes down to a discussion of the facts, it will be your word against the police officer’s. And guess who usually wins that battle? Most juries and judges (and certainly prosecutors) will defer to the version of events given by the cop (and assume that you are making up a story). But if you have video-graphic proof of what happened, that is fantastic proof of what really happened!!

The fact of the matter is that when a cop fills out his or her police report, they are going to write that report in such a way that it makes it easier for the prosecutor to press charges against you. But just because the cop knows how to write a report that makes you look awful, it does not at all mean that those facts are accurate. Indeed, the way in which a cop writes his or her report is to purposefully make it seem that not only you broke the law, but that the officer didn’t do anything wrong when he/she arrested you.

But if you pull out your phone (or if you do not have access to a phone, perhaps someone with you does, like a passenger in your car) and start taping the encounter, the cop will likely behave in much more civilized manner. And if that cop violates your Constitutional rights (like by beating you for no reason whatsoever), then the images captured in the phone can be used as evidence against the cop.


Of course, there are plenty of cops who, if you try to tape them, will grab the phone from you and throw it away (or destroy it later). But that is why it is so terribly important for your friends and neighbors to have their phone ready to begin taping.

I realize this is a bad set of circumstances (it’s no fun if you have to guard yourself against the very people who are supposed to protect you), but it is what it is. And the best thing you can do is make sure that your rights are not trampled upon!!

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