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St Louis Criminal Defense Lawyer: Can The Police Require That I Answer Their Questions?


Absolutely not. The police cannot in any way, shape, or form require that you answer a thing. And in fact, it is very often in your best interest to NOT answer a cop’s questions (because in some situations, any answer you give will end up coming back to haunt you).

The job of a police officer (largely) is to gather facts so that he/she can determine whether or not a crime has been committed (and thereafter make an arrest, or issue a citation). And in order for the cop to make that determination, he or she will engage in the most fundamental of all police work: asking questions.

Of course, the best way for anyone to learn something is to ask questions (that’s a given). But what most people unfortunately believe (very often to their detriment) is that when a cop asks them questions, that they will be completely safe and secure when answering. But as a general rule, you should never think for a second that the questions posed by a police officer are in any way meant to keep you safe (and that by answering those questions, you are running the risk of much more difficult situation down the road (even if you are completely innocent)).

So what is the better course of action to take when dealing with a police officer? I can’t tell you what to do. But if I could somehow take my current clients back in time and have them follow a different route, I would absolutely without a doubt tell them to simply tell the officer, “I am not going to answer any more of your questions. I need to speak with an attorney.”


Once you say this, it’s all over. The cop is now put on notice of the fact that you wish to have legal counsel present, and that his questions are (for all intent and purposes) meaningless. Why? Because after you have made it clear that you do not want to answer any more questions, and that you furthermore wish to speak with your attorney (so that you can receive advice on how to protect your Constitutional rights), if a cop continues to ask you questions thereafter, the court has the ability to suppress any answers you do end up giving.

But the best way for you to understand your rights and options is to give us a call (right away)!!

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