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St Louis Speeding Ticket Lawyer: Is There A Difference If I Get Pulled Over By A Highway Patrolman?


Yes, there is a difference between getting pulled over by a regular local cop (and receiving a St Louis speeding ticket) and a highway patrolman. The most obvious would be that the highway patrol officer is only going to stop you on the interstate highway system. But there is a very big difference in the way the ticket is handled. A brief description of that difference is included below:

If you are pulled over for speeding, the highway patrolman will write you out a standard ticket. But you will notice at the top of the ticket it will state: FCC. This stands for “Fines Collection Center,” which is the department in Jefferson City, MO, which handles all highway traffic infractions.

When you hire an attorney to fix the ticket, the attorney will have to send in his Entry of Appearance (this is a document that puts the court on notice of the fact that you have legal representation regarding the ticket) to Jeff City directly. Jeff City will then send out the ticket to the county in which you committed the infraction.


Once the county has it, that court will set a date for disposition. Your attorney can attend this hearing and get the ticket reduced to a non-moving violation. A non-moving violation does not come with any “points” on your permanent driving record. Points are like little red flags that make it look as if you are a bad driver. It is the existence of points on your record that result in an increase of car insurance premiums.

So as you can see, an FCC ticket is fundamentally the same as any other ticket. It’s just that your attorney has to go through a few more hoops in order to get the ticket taken care of. But the best way to understand how the whole thing works is to speak with an experienced attorney today!!

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