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St Louis Criminal Defense Attorney: What Should I Do If I Am Charged With Minor In Possession Of Alcohol?


What should absolutely not do is plead guilty to St Louis minor in possession charges!! There is no reason at all for you to do such a thing, since most of the time, the local prosecutor is willing to allow a St Louis criminal defense lawyer to negotiate a reduction of the charges to something minor (like “littering,” which does not even show up on your record).

But if you were to plead guilty to the charge, then it would become a conviction on your record. This can have a negative effect on your ability to get a job (even a simple part-time gig), rent an apartment (because most landlords run criminal background checks on all potential tenants), or get into certain colleges (or even secure some student loans).

So as you can see, it is in fact a big deal!! Unfortunately, a lot of people do not believe that an MIP is all that much of a concern. They believe that getting caught with beer when you are under 21 is nothing more than a right-of-passage. And because they have this attitude about it, they often end up thinking that pleading guilty will have no negative impact.

How does our firm handle this kind of situations? We would immediately make contact with the local prosecutor handling the case. Step two would be to begin negotiations on getting the charge amended down (there is very often a good deal of success in this strategy, because most prosecutors view a minor in possession charge to be something that they’d be willing to reduce (so long as an attorney is involved).


The best way to figure out what your options may be (for either yourself or your minor child) is to give us a call, fill out an online form, or set an in-office appointment to meet with one of our St Louis attorneys!! We will answer all of your questions, describe all your options, and help guide you through the process step by step!!

The affordable St. Louis criminal defense attorneys at The Bankruptcy Company have been taking care of criminal charges in Missouri for over ten (10) years. We specialize in making sure that your record stays clean, and so that you can move forward with life. And we want to do it all at an affordable price. The upfront fees for a misdemeanor charge start at $375. But the initial consultation to discuss your legal issues is free of charge. So contact us today to learn more!!

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