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St Louis Speeding Ticket: Will The Court Require That I Pay A Fine If My Ticket Is Reduced?


Yes, the court will require that you pay a fine after the ticket is amended down by the prosecutor. The reason for the fine is simple: it is the way in which that particular municipality makes money. Below I will provide an example of how the system works:

Let’s say you are pulled over and cited with a speeding ticket in St Louis. You hire an attorney so that he/she can work out a deal with the local prosecutor (so that no points go on your driving record, and your auto insurance doesn’t jump up), and that deal results in a reduction of the speeding ticket (from a moving violation to a non-moving violation).

That’s a pretty good deal! Such a reduction will eliminate the chance of your driving privileges from being suspended (because that is what will happen if you accrue too many points), and your monthly insurance rates will stay the same.

But because St Louis needs funds in order to operate its services (like the zoo, the Science Center, the fire department), it will also assess a fine. For a standard speeding ticket, they city will normally charge a fine of about $150 (plus court costs, which brings the total to about $200). And they usually give you a month or two to get that fine paid off (and sometimes the municipality will allow you to enter into a payment plan to get the fine taken care of).


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