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St Louis Speeding Tickets: How Municipal Courts Make Money From Issuing Traffic Tickets in St Louis


Since the summer of 2014 (when Michael Brown was shot dead in Ferguson, MO), the country has received a civic lesson in how municipalities within St Louis County (like Ferguson) much money off the back of their citizens from issuing St Louis speeding tickets. There have been many arguments and roundtable meetings about the subject since the incident, but not much has changed. Below is a description of how it all works:

Most municipalities within St Louis County are very small (some of these places have populations of well under one thousand (1,000) residents. But nevertheless, they each have their own courthouse, judge, prosecutor, and police force.

However, because of their small size, the judge and prosecutor are people that have been hired to do the job part time. And very often, these judges and prosecutors hold the same positions in other municipalities. Or you can even have a situation in which a judge in one muni is a prosecutor in a different muni (sometimes just a few miles away).

And not only that, these judges and prosecutors also have their own private law practices in which they primarily handle… you guessed it… criminal defense for people who have been issued a traffic ticket in the St Louis area.


So not only are these folks switching back and forth between the role of judge and prosecutor. They are also dabbling in a bit of defense work too (for the very kinds of people that on every other day of the week they are either sentencing to jail, or recommending a certain length of jail time).

But what each court within the municipal system is really trying to do is make money. And the easiest way for a muni court to make money for its township is to assess fines to everyone who comes before it. The judge sentences you with a fine of a few hundred dollars, you pay it within a short period of time, and the muni has their funds to operate for another year (and if you don’t, they will issue a warrant for your arrest).

But we can help!! We can at the very least get the traffic ticket reduced to a non-moving violation. That will ensure that no points will go on your record (so that your car insurance rates will stay the same)!!

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