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St Louis Criminal Defense Attorney: Will Police Officers Lie In Order To Make A Case Against Me?


Yep. And the easiest way they can do that is by writing a police report that does not accurately describe the facts as they actually happened. Because once the police report is written (in such a way that always favors the cop’s side of the story), then it’s your word against the cop.

Most people (or least those who have never been charged with a crime, or have never seen a friend or loved one go through a criminal charge) are inclined to believe that police officers do not break the law. Or that if they do break the law, it’s more of a “bending” of the law (and only when they really, really have to; like in an emergency). But the fact of the matter is, on any given day, there are unbelievable violations of the Constitution happening every day around the country.

But if there are a group of people who are in a position to make gross violations of your rights, it is a police officer. And if they have violated your rights, the chances of them actually admitting to that fact on a police report (that they themselves have written) is pretty low. So instead, they lie. They tell a story that is somewhat true, but certainly leave out those portions that show themselves in a bad light (like physical violence, or anything that would indicate that they behaved improperly).


Again, a lot of people would be aghast to learn the extent to which many police officers perform their duties in less than noble ways. But then there are also a lot of people who simply do not care. They would rather turn a blind eye to what is happening, because from their point of view, those officers “are just doing their job.”

But if you have been accused and/or charged with a crime in St Louis, you have solid, unbreakable rights!! And you are given the opportunity to defend those rights in a court of law (most especially against the police who have brought the charges in the first place). And we want to help make sure those rights are upheld (plain and simple)!!

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